Getting Started with Mixing Template PRO

Getting Started with Mixing Template PRO

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Thank you for purchasing Mixing Template Pro.

I hope you enjoy how easy it is to get a professional sounding mix in a fraction of the time with this amazing template designed by Phil Blackbourn!

Before you start using the template I recommend watching the Mixing Template tutorial video:

Tutorial Video Logic

NOTE Ableton Users should should watch this Ableton specific tutorial video in addition to the above overview video.

Tutorial Video Ableton

Ableton users, you will need to download the free plugin, "Youlead Loundess Meter" as mentioned in the above video by visiting

I also highly recommend reading Phil Blackbourn’s Mixing Manual to get an idea of why he setup the template the way he did.

This is a list of all the third party plugins used in this template:

Omega TWK




Hammer DSP

Omega 458A

Pro-L 2

Auto-Tune Pro

Trigger 2 (Logic users do not need this plugin)

Also note that tutorial videos on how to Trigger 2 can be found here:

ABLETON USERS ONLY: Youlean Loudness Meter

All programming, images and text © Peter James Productions 2020 All Rights Reserved.

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