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Using Buses in Playback requires a Playback Pro subscription. Learn More.

Step 1: Free up one of the Busses in Playback

In order to route click and guide to different outputs on your interface, you'll need to use a single bus for the click track and a single bus for the guide tracks. This will require repurposing an existing bus as the new Guide bus, and routing all currently routed tracks to a different bus. In this example, we will be repurposing the Aux bus as Guide.

1. Rename the Aux bus: Swipe Left to reveal Edit. Tap edit to rename the Bus Name and Abbreviation (the abbreviation is seen in the Buses tracks mixer)

2. Re-route Aux Tracks: Open the Tracks tab in Playback settings. Scroll through the instrument parts to find every track currently routed to the newly named Guide Bus. Re-route each instrument out of Guide and into a different bus by tapping the instrument cell, choosing a new bus, and tapping Done.

Step 2: Route Click & Guide tracks to new Busses

In the Tracks tab, scroll to the Guide instrument parts. Route Guide (Dynamic) and Guide (Non-Dynamic) out of the Click & Guide bus and into the newly named Guide Bus.

Step 3: Route the Busses to your outputs of choice

With an audio interface connected to Playback that supports more than 2 outputs, the Click and Guide buses can now be routed to unique outputs.

Open the Buses tab in Settings. Tap on the Click and Guide bus cells and select an any available output. In this example, we're sending the Click track out of output 1 on the interface, and the guide track through output 2 of the interface.

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