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Equip the musicians on stage with keys patches, guitar profiles, and ambient pads that sound like the artists.

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Perform with Instrument Presets from the Original Artists

Playing with the highest quality sound possible is important when creating an intentional atmosphere during a worship service. However, finding the time and resources to craft the best possible guitar tones, keyboard sounds, and ambient pad presets can be difficult.

That is why we have partnered with the best producers and most influential musicians in the worship industry to provide you and your team with custom-built patches, profiles, and more to choose from when finding your own sound.

Helpful Links by Instrument

  • Keyboard Players: Discover Song Specific Patches built to match the song, available for MainStage and Ableton

  • Guitar Players: Kemper and Helix Profiles capturing the best amp sounds from the most influential guitarists in worship music

  • Drummers: Drum Samples recorded by leading drummers and producers for a unique, huge drum sound during performance

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