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Transferring Patches Between MainStage Concerts & Logic Pro X
Transferring Patches Between MainStage Concerts & Logic Pro X

How to save patches to use between concerts and in Logic Pro X.

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Saving Patches

1 - Inside MainStage, locate the patch you wish to export and select it in the patch list.
2 - Once selected, right-click on the patch and click "Save as Patch".


Select a location for the patch which can be easily accessed in the future.

We recommend saving to the following folder for easy access from within MainStage:
MacintoshHD > Users > "Your User Name" > Music > MainStage.

Loading Patches

To access the patches you exported in the previous section, simply open the Inspector and navigate to "User Patches" at the top of the list. Any patch you exported above will appear in this list.

To open the Inspector, click the circled letter 'I' which is highlighted in the image below.

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