Getting Started with Energy

Learn how to install and use Energy by Edgar Mantilla

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Energy is a special mix of patches designed for Kontakt. Each sound offers intuitive performance controls, with many versatile results for a keyboard players in different live and recording scenario's. You can combine them with your DAW and favorite effects.

This pack has been inspired and taylor made thanks to iconic synthesizers such as Roland Juno-106, Roland D-50 and Prophet Rev 2.


Important: Please keep a backup of the downloaded files.

The download contains a folder named Energy by Edgar Mantilla. Move this folder to your desired storage location on your computer.

Note - It's not recommended to keep it stored in your Download folder.

Browse the folder for a patch, then simply drag the .nki file into Kontakt.


  1. Navigate the download for a folder named D50 Anthem.

  2. Open the folder, and locate the file named D50 Anthem.nki. This is the patch file.

  3. Click-and-drag this file into Kontakt, and enjoy.

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