Getting Started with Eclectics Keys Part 1

Learn how to install and use Eclectics Keys by Isaac Gonzales

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Thank you for purchasing Eclectics Keys Part 1!

Eclectics Part I is a collection of elegant, minimalistic synth presets for Arturia’s DX7 plugin inside MainStage. This release marks a new series by Isaac Gonzalez that introduces pivotal relationships responsible for the creation of many records throughout the decades. Isaac’s collaboration with engineers and producers in the industry has led him to introduce one of his friends and partners in the business - Mixing Engineer and Producer Aaron Brohman.

Minimum Requirements

Before installing and using your new patches, make sure you have installed the following two plugins:


Your download contains 2 files:

Eclectics Keys Part 1 Installer and Eclectics Keys Part 1 Concert

The Eclectics Keys Part 1 Installer file automatically places Patch and Channel Strip Setting files into their correct location. Run this file and follow the steps within in order to quickly and easily access your new patches from inside Logic and MainStage.

The Eclectics Keys Part 1 Concert file is a MainStage concert file which opens all the patches at once, so you can quickly audition sounds and enjoy playing your new patches immediately.

Loading Presets

Once you've completed the installation using the Eclectics Keys Part I Installer file, your patches will be available for use in any MainStage concert or Logic Pro project.


Launch any MainStage concert file and open the Inspector by clicking the icon next to Perform Mode

Create a blank patch using the plus + icon beneath it

Select Patch Library in the Inspector and navigate to:

User Patches > Instrument > Eclectics Keys Part 1

Click on a preset name to load it.

Logic Pro

Create a blank Logic project and load an empty channel strip

Reveal the Logic Library by clicking the folder icon to the top-left of your screen, highlighted below

In the browser below, navigate to:

User Patches > Eclectics Keys Part 1

Click on a preset name to load it.

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