Why do I hear the click track in both left and right channels while Playback has AutoPan enabled?

Playback’s AutoPan feature lets you run tracks with Playback simply using the headphone output of your iOS device by automatically sending the Click & Guide out of the Left output and all tracks out of the Right output. If you are hearing the click/guide or tracks in the wrong outputs, there are some troubleshooting steps to help identify the cause. We recommend that you try these troubleshooting items first as it is likely that the issue is something to do with your audio routing and not an audio bug in Playback.

Have you set your audio’s output to stereo?

  1. Open Settings → Accessibility

  2. Open Audio & Visual menu

  3. Make sure Mono Audio is disabled.

This is the most common cause of AutoPan bleed issues.

If you continue to encounter issues, consider the following troubleshooting steps as well.

Have you tried a different splitter audio cable?

Issues with the cable used to convert the headphone output to 2 1/4” inputs for your soundboard is a cause for click track bleeding into the tracks channel.

Test for click bleed in the tracks channel.

  1. Connect Right (tracks) channel into your sound system

  2. Solo the Click Track in Playback

  3. Can you hear the Click Track?

  4. If yes, this could be a cable grounding issue. Try moving the cable, adjusting the connection to your iOS device

Have you checked to make sure your DI boxes are grounded?

This can affect cable bleed and cause unwanted noise in your outputs. Make sure that the DI boxes are on the ground and Ground switch is enabled.

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