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Getting Started with Strymon Presets Vol. 1
Getting Started with Strymon Presets Vol. 1

Getting Started with Strymon Presets Vol. 1

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Thank you for purchasing Strymon Presets Vol. 1.

Strymon Presets Volume 1 is a collection of TimeLine & BigSky presets created by Peter Burton. Many of these presets have been mainstays for Peter throughout his professional recording and live performance career.

In this bundle you’ll find 10 TimeLine presets that range from foundation starting delays to more experimental textures, and you’ll find 6 BigSky presets ranging from small Plate reverbs to large Ambient atmospheres. No matter your delay & reverb preferences, you’re sure to find something that fits your Sunday morning needs.

Loading Presets

We'll be installing these presets via Strymon's Nixie software. To connect your TimeLine or BigSky to the Nixie preset editor and librarian software, you need a MIDI to USB interface to connect from the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports of your pedal to your computer.

After you've connected either your TimeLine or BigSky you should see them in the device list. Next click on the device and simple drag and drop your new preset bundles onto the pedal. Once they've been added you'll be able to audition the presets within the Nixie app. Audio will still come through the Strymon pedal.

Enjoy your new presets!

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