Getting Started with Jupiter Dilution
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Thank you for purchasing Jupiter Dilution.

Jupiter Dilution embraces the analog tones from the Jupiter-8 created back in the 1980’s. Arturia has done a great job on emulating this wonderful all time piece of greatness. The Jupiter 8 version 3.1.0 by Arturia is required to access all sounds created in this bundle. This bundle brings you Isaac’s unique approach as a producer and keys player through the lens of this classic synth. The package contains pads, synths, lead synths and arpeggiators. Pads are great for the soundtrack atmospheres and to give an abstract edge to your production or performance. Synths are exciting and aggressive with a lot of interesting lead options for a modern sound.

Arpeggiators are very catchy and are capable of making big statements to carry your arrangement or performance. Can’t wait for you to dive in and start creating.


Please note that this bundle requires Jup8 by Arturia:

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