Playback has the power to send up to 10 individual audio outputs to your sound system using an USB audio interface. All instrument tracks are routed to 10 buses which can be sent out of multiple outputs, depending on the interface connected.

Getting your interface connected to Playback is easy.

USB Audio interfaces can be connected for use with Playback in a couple ways.

  1. Directly with a USB adapter

Connect your iOS device to your approved audio interface using an official Apple USB 3 to Lightning camera adapter (or USB-C AV Adapter, for USB-C devices). These adapters give you the ability to simultaneously charge your iOS device while connected to a USB interface.

2. Through a powered USB Hub

If you are using a MIDI Controller to control Playback or sending MIDI Cues out of Playback over an ethernet connection, you need to use a powered USB hub. This allows you to connect multiple devices to Playback.

  • Connect the USB hub to your iOS device using an official Apple USB3 to Lightning camera adapter (or USB-C AV Adapter, for USB-C iOS Devices)

  • Connect your USB interface to the powered hub. Playback will then recognize the interface as its audio device.

Here are some hubs we have confirmed are compatible with Playback:

Watch this video to learn more about connecting your audio interface to Playback.

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