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DMG Troubleshooting

DMG Troubleshooting

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DMG Troubleshooting

All the content in a bundle can be put anywhere on your computer, but if not put into the correct folders, StageReady may struggle to find the files it needs. That's why DMG files are used to ensure everything is installed in the correct place. By default these DMG files point to folders that should already be on every computer that has StageReady Installed. Moving or renaming folders can also cause DMG files to not work as intended.

Common Errors:

If a folder is unable to be found in a DMG file, you will see errors such as
"Modifying 'StageReady Expansion Packs' requires an administrator name and password..."
"The Alias 'StageReady Expansion Packs' can't be opened because the original item can't be found"
Another step in testing the DMG file is to open the folder Aliases on the right side of the DMG and confirming that it can open each folder. In the example below, the "StageReady Expansion Packs" folder is not working properly.
If you're receiving these errors, the folder locations and names need to be confirmed. Below is a three step walkthrough of the user fixing a missing folder.

DMG fix walkthrough:

Step 1: Determining the issue. In this example our "StageReady Expansion Packs" folder doesn't seem to be working properly.

Step 2: Locate the folder causing the issue in Finder. In this example we navigate to our "- -" folder and find that the name of the "StageReady Expansion Packs" was changed to "Expansion Packs." Will will rename the folder back to its' original name.

Step 3: Continue Installation. We now "eject" the original DMG and reopen it from our downloads to continue the installation.

Folder Locations List:

StageReady Expansion Pack's common folders and their locations:

"StageReady Expansion Packs"
MacintoshHD > Users > "Your User Name" > Music > MainStage > - - > StageReady Expansion Packs.

" Samples"
MacintoshHD > Users > "Your User Name" > Music > Audio Music Apps > Samples.

"Sampler Instruments"
MacintoshHD > Users > "Your User Name" > Music > Audio Music Apps > Sampler Instruments.

"Chord Trigger"
MacintoshHD > Users > "Your User Name" > Music > Audio Music Apps > Plugin Settings > Chord Trigger.

MacintoshHD > Users > "Your User Name" > Music > Audio Music Apps > Channel Strip Settings > Instrument.

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