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Thank you for purchasing Drum Machine for StageReady.

DMG Installation

Each StageReady Expansion Bundle ships with a DMG file that ensures quick and easy installation and use of the product.

1. Double-click the DMG file in your download folder.

2. After opening the DMG file for your expansion bundle, drag each product folder on the left to the destination folder on the right.

3. If you've never saved a preset in MainStage, you may encounter an issue whilst copying the 'Multitracks.com Drum Machine' folder into the 'Chord Trigger' folder. We just need to create the folder ourselves by following the steps below.

Open a new finder window and navigate to:

MacintoshHD > Users > "Your User Name" > Music > Audio Music Apps > Plug-In Settings > Chord Trigger

If you can't find the "Chord Trigger" inside of "Plug-In Settings, create a new folder here and label it "Chord Trigger."

Note: These expansion bundles are for the StageReady Template. Without the StageReady template properly installed you may encounter problems installing with the DMG files. If you're having issues with the DMG file, see DMG Troubleshooting for more information.

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