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Getting Started With Ultimate Shimmer Pad Collection for Nord
Getting Started With Ultimate Shimmer Pad Collection for Nord

Getting Started With Ultimate Shimmer Pad Collection for Nord

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Thank you for purchasing Ultimate Shimmer Pad Collection.

This bundle includes uniquely designed Shimmer Pads created using OB6, Prophet 12 and other soundsources sampled through a variety of different hardware and software reverbs that have been used on countless Hillsong albums over the years!

This product is compatible with the following Nord Keyboards:

Stage 2
Stage 2 EX
Stage 3
Electro 5
Electro 6
Piano 3
Piano 4
Nord Grand


First, make sure you have the most recent version of the Nord Sound Manager installed in your PC or Mac. To open the download page click here.

Once you have installed the Sound Manager, make sure your Nord hardware is connected to your computer, you can after proceed to opening the sound manager. The sample files you will be installing correspond to the sample memory you have available in your Nord hardware. Please make sure to have enough space to install the sample files you want, allocating the space means you will have to erase samples you will not be using.

Note: Not all Nord hardware has enough sample memory to hold the whole collection (if you are unsure please check the memory specifications of your hardware beforehand, the soundmanager will also display the amount you have). You can still unload and load the ones you want. To install everything, you will need more than 400Mb to install everything.

After allocating the necessary space in the Sample tab, you can install samples by any of the following means:

Use the Sound Upload option on the top right section of the sound manager
Grab the samples you want to install and drag them into the Sample tab

Note: If your hardware requires version 3 sample files, the sound manager will prompt you to convert them. This process is automatic in the sound manager software and only requires you to agree.

You are now ready to use the sample files like you would any from the nord website.

For more information on how to install these sounds check out this install video:

Install Video

Using The Ultimate Shimmer Pad Collection

Because these are Nord sample files, they will still require you to tweak the sample within your own hardware patches. Depending on the hardware, you will have to take in account a few things. Here’s a quick rundown:

Stage Series

The stage series has a full synth section that can modify and sculpt these samples into more that just pads. For basic Pad use, use these settings to your own taste. With the sample chosen as your oscillator on the synth section:

Keep the filter all the way open. The sample has Peter’s filter setting built in
Keep Attack knob all the way to the left (fast). The sample file has Peter’s setting built in.
Set the Release of the sample between 2-4 seconds depending on your taste for a long decaying reverb effect.
Decay should be open all the way (to the right).
Feel free to experiment with the other synth settings to make these your own. On the Stage series they can take on a whole life of their own. For more information on how to fully use the synth section of the stage series, please consult your owners manual for more information.

Electro/Piano/Grand Series

Different from the Stage series, the rest of the compatible lineup has a few hardware limitations. Despite these limitations, the Ultimate Shimmer Pad collection can do exactly what it promises on the “Sample Synth” section of the Nord. Because many of Peter’s settings are “baked” into the samples, you will have to do very little to get the right sound. After choosing the desired sample in the sample synth section:

Set the “Sustain” knob of the sample synth section to modify the release. This is done moving the knob to your right hand side. For a full pad decay, set the sustain knob to a 2-4 second release.
Set the Sample Synth section volume to your personal setting. NOTE: on some units (example: the Electro 5), you will have only a blend knob that has to be assigned to the sample synth section and the other you might want to blend with.
For more information on the use of your nord hardware, please consult the owner's manual.

All programming, images and text © Peter James Productions 2019 All Rights Reserved.

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