Installing Ambient String Pads

Installing Ambient String Pads

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Thank you for purchasing Ambient Shimmer Pads.

This Ambient Pad Bundle was created using my go to String patch used on many Hillsong albums.

These Ambient String Pads can be used in a variety of ways:

As ambient pad drones to fill out a worship song,

As a transition tool to bridge gaps between songs,

A soundscaping tool for live performance.

Because they are not tempo specific, they can be used in any tempo, time signature, and the bundle includes every key. They've been crafted musically to work equally well in songs that are in Major or Minor keys.

This bundle ONLY requires MainStage 3 or higher and doesn't require any additional software or plugins.


First make sure you have downloaded the whole product including the Samples. Then open the ‘Ambient String Pads’ MainStage Concert. Depending on where you have installed the WAV files on your Hard Drive you may be asked to locate these files.

After locating and selecting these files you’re ready to go. I suggest saving this MainStage Concert immediately after locating these .wav files so that you don’t need to repeat this process the next time you open this template.

Product Description

This MainStage Template uses 24x 12 minute long wav audio files to create the Ambient Pads through MainStage’s Playback plugin. Note that each Ambient Pad will last for 12 minutes and then fade out by itself.

The two different pad types Playback uses to create these Ambient Pads are explained below:


A Mellow String ambience.

Strings (Movement)

A Mellow String ambience with subtle chord movement.

Strings (Shimmer) – Bonus WAV Files

A Mellow String ambience with additional Shimmer reverb that has 8ve motion to it.

This bundle also includes 12 Bonus WAV files that can be used separately or used to replace any of the ambient pads already installed in this MainStage Concert. For more information on how to do this check out this walkthrough video link below:

Walkthrough Video

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