Thank you for purchasing Ultimate Shimmer Pad Expansion Pack.

This MainStage/Logic bundle includes an additional 137 patches created from the soundsources contained in the Ultimate Shimmer Pad Collection.


First of make sure that you have the Ultimate Shimmer Pad Collection installed on your computer. This expansion pack uses samples from the original Ultimate Shimmer Pad Collection, so you will get MainStage/Logic errors if the Samples from the original bundle aren’t installed correctly.

Installing Ultimate Shimmer Pad Collection Recap

Once the Ultimate Shimmer Pad Collection has been installed all you need to do is copy the expansion pack’s ‘Sampler Instruments’ folder to your ‘Sampler Instruments’ location on your hard drive. You can relabel the new folder if you wish to like the screenshot below:

For more information on how to use this product and install it check out this walkthrough video.

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