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Getting Started with Droff Bobcat by Nigel Hendroff
Getting Started with Droff Bobcat by Nigel Hendroff

Getting Started with Droff Bobcat by Nigel Hendroff

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My signature Bobcat 30 watt head is simply awesome and is such a joy to play. Built as a one-off for me, the gain structure and midrange has been specifically tweaked for my playing style, and has been paired perfectly to a matching 30 watt Bad Cat 1x12 open back cabinet which offers an airy sparkle and tight low end. Much of my studio work has been done with this setup.

The Jackson Audio Prism preamp boost, and the Jackson Audio Bloom compressor/EQ are 2 pedals that sit at the start of my pedal board signal chain and are the foundation of every sound I create. They are my ‘always on’ pedals that form the basis of my tone and feel for when I play, creating the perfect balance of breakup and sponginess that compliments my playing style. I've included four profiles in this bundle that highlight the beautiful harmony of these pedals running into my amp.

Installing via Rig Manager

  • Download Rig Manager at and install

  • Open the folder containing the Profiles you purchased from and drag them into the Rig Manager App. They will show up in the local files tab in the app.

  • Connect your Kemper Profiler via USB cable to your computer and drag all the new Profiles to your Kemper. This can be done by dragging from the Local Files tab to the My Profiler tab.

  • Enjoy your new amp Profiles!

Installing via USB Thumb Drive

  • Take the USB that's been formatted for firmware updates and plug it into your PC/MAC.

  • Open folder named Shared and copy all the Profiles you purchased from to this folder

  • Plug the USB in. Kemper should see the USB pretty quickly.

  • Inside the Kemper OS, push the external storage button.

  • Select Import.

  • Enjoy your new amp Profiles!

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