If you are having trouble accessing RehearsalMix in Planning Center, here is a 9 step troubleshooting checklist to go through.

1. Initial Setup

Go to "Connected Accounts" in your MultiTracks.com account > [your organization] Planning Center will be listed at the top. Hit the "Connect" button.

2. Check the account level connection:

Your Planning Center Organization must be connected to Your MultiTracks.Com Organization. Note that you will need to be an Organization admin for Planning Center and MultiTracks.com to edit this connection. Your MultiTracks.com permissions can be edited at https://www.multitracks.com/premium/people/ by another Admin.

Your MultiTracks.com permissions can be edited on the People Page. Expand the profile of the user you wish to edit, and select the drop-down menu on the left to edit that user's permissions. Be sure to save after you have made your selection.

To edit this connection an Organizational Admin for your Planning Center account will need to promote you. Your Planning Center Permissions can be edited by going to Planning Center > going to the Accounts Page. Once on the Accounts Page type in the email of the person on your team you wish to promote. This person will no be able to manage your integration.

3. Check Planning Center Connection

  1. Log into Planning Center and go to the Song tab in Services.

  2. Go to the Settings gear (pictured below) and select “RehearsalMix” under “INTEGRATIONS”

  3. This will tell you if your account is connected. If it says “DISABLED,” select “Enable Integration”

4. Check MultiTracks.com Connection

  1. Log into your MultiTracks.com account [if you are a Multi Organization user, check that you are in the correct organization] and that your Organization has made you an “Organization Admin” in this MultiTracks.com Organization.

  2. Go to the Connect Accounts Menu found under Account> [Your Org Name] > Connected Accounts.

  3. If you see that your Planning Center Account is Connected here, then you have connected to your Planning Center Organization. If you see a Connect Button, go ahead and click it. If you are not logged into Planning Center, you will be prompted to log in.

5. Connecting People in Planning Center to People on MultiTracks.com

If you have not yet imported your users from Planning Center, go to the People Page on MultiTracks.com

  1. On the People Page select “Add People” in top right hand corner.

  2. In the pop-up window select the “Import People From Planning Center” link

  3. In the left column, you will see all your People from Planning center. Hit the Plus symbol next to their name.

  4. Once you have added your people, select “Import” at the bottom [Note that, if you are importing more than 50 people you will need to do this in multiple batches]

  5. Check and make sure each person is linked to Planning Center on the People Page. If you see a “Link to Planning Center” button, click it and you will be prompted to search for your Planning Center people to select a Planning Center Users to pair with this Multitracks.com user.

6. Assign Your RehearsalMix Seats

RehearsalMix is licensed through seats given to specific users. When you subscribe to RehearsalMix, you must assign those seats to People on your team. An Organization Admin can visit the People Page on MultiTracks.com and assign seats. If your People are linked to Planning Center, this will automatically give them access in Planning Center.

7. Resetting an Individual support

If you have done the above steps and a user still isn't not able to access RehearsalMix you may need to reset their connection. This can be done on the People Page under their profile. Simply Unlink and relink to reset their connection

If you are attempting to import a specific person and you are unable to find them, this may be because their First and/or Last name do not match with their Planning Center account. If you are not getting search results try copying their name from planning center or simply typing the first three letters of their name.

9. Resetting Your Connection

If you have gone through the above steps and are still having problems, it may be worth completely resetting your integration. This option however has some drawbacks as you will need to reimport any existing RehearsalMix files you have attached to your songs in Planning Center.

  1. Go to MultiTracks.com and got to Account>[ Your Organization ] > Connected accounts.

  2. Select the “X” on the right

  3. In the pop-up window check “Also remove Planning Center links from people”

  4. After this, you will need to Reconnect to Planning Center by selecting “Connect”

  5. Check and make sure each person is linked to Planning Center on the People Page. If you see a “Link to Planning Center” button, click it and you will be prompted to search for your Planning Center People. Then, select a Planning Center User to pair with this Multitracks.com user.

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