Getting Started with EDM Essentials

Getting Started with EDM Essentials

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Thank you for purchasing EDM Essentials!


1 - DMG Installation
2 - DMG and Installation Troubleshooting

DMG Installation

1. Double-click the DMG file in your download folder.
Note: Don't worry if the DMG file is slow to open. This bundle is packed with great sounds, and they may take a few minutes to load.

2. After opening the DMG file for your expansion bundle, drag each product folder on the left to the destination folder on the right.

Note: If these folders don't exist on your computer, you'll need to make sure that your User Library is in the default location on your computer. Inside Ableton, head to Preferences > Library.

The Ableton Project has been installed into the Downloads folder, but you're free to move it anywhere you like. To get started with your bundle, head to 'Downloads' on your Mac then open the project you need, and it will load up ready to go.

If you followed the DMG install process above, you are now able to load your patches into any Ableton project one by one by navigating to your User Library on the sidebar and then into the 'EDM Essentials Instruments' folder.

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